August 02, 2020

Aparna Saxena - Reinventing Social Enterprise

Social enterprises are often mistaken for non-profits. They are perceived to be "feel good" organizations associated with a good cause. But social enterprises are real businesses. They need direction, revenue, and talent to b...

Indonesia Operators

July 14, 2020

William Tunggaldjaja - Competing with Ecommerce Goliaths

We live in a world where anything we want is one click away. Ecommerce has made this possible. No matter which part of the world you're in, there is an ecommerce giant dominating the market. In the US there is Amazon. In SE A...

Founder Stories Indonesia

July 07, 2020

Charlotte Kowara - Finding Purpose

Aimlessly wandering might be fun during a post-graduation gap year. But for most everyone else, it leaves us wanting more. What drives us differs from person to person. Some want money, others fame, but Charlotte Kowara was l...

Founder Stories Indonesia

June 22, 2020

Dick Listijono: Seizing Opportunity

For some, the thought of going to their job brings a knot of anxiety to their stomach. Not everyone loves their job. A great deal of the time, despite not enjoying their work, people stay at their current jobs. No matter how ...

Founder Stories Indonesia