Feb. 9, 2021

Felicia Kawilarang - Traits of Early Employees

Felicia Kawilarang - Traits of Early Employees

Many times, early employees don’t get the same name recognition as the founders. But their contributions are no less significant. Today I’m talking to Felicia Kawilarang, VP of Marketing and Communications for Halodoc. Felicia was the telemedicine app’s first senior marketing hire and has seen the company grow from 40 employees to its nearly 600 employees today.

This is a feat in itself, as we’ve discussed before on the podcast, the employee traits from 1-10 differ from employees 50-100, and then again at 500+. To be able to scale your own skills as the company grows is impressive.

Felicia and I discuss her journey to Halodoc, how her role has evolved with the company, and Halodoc’s growth in the midst of a global pandemic.





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