Nov. 27, 2020

Ilya Kravtsov - Reinvention Amidst a Pandemic

Ilya Kravtsov - Reinvention Amidst a Pandemic

Covid-19 has crushed businesses around the world. Especially those in the food, travel, and live events space. Today my guest is Ilya Kravtsov, co-founder and CEO of PouchNATION.

PouchNATION is an event-based, crowd management, wearables company. They offer event-goers bands that track admission, facilitates contactless payments, and other analytics to event organisers. As you might be thinking, this business must have been hit hard by Covid-19. Which it was. But Covid-19 didn’t mean the end for PouchNATION.

Today we talk about PouchNATION’s core business and technology, how they grew the company right up until Covid-19, and then how they quickly adapted to the realities of Covid-19.

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