Nov. 9, 2020

Melia Winata - Growing a Social Enterprise

Melia Winata - Growing a Social Enterprise

Today's guest is Melia Winata, co-founder and CMO of Du Anyam. Du Anyam is a social enterprise that works with female communities to create wicker products. They were the official merchandise of the 2018 Asian Games and their products have won awards like the Inacraft Awards in 2018.

Du Anyam is a purpose driven brand who has three core pillars: Empower Women, Promote Culture, and Improve Livelihood. In Episode 2 of Sidedoor, Charlotte Kowara’s advice was to “build purposeful products” and Du Anyam is an excellent example of this philosophy.

In this episode we discuss Melia’s journey with Du Anyam, how they work with the women of Flores, and what growth obstacles they face, like any other business.

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