Thank you for agreeing to be on the Sidedoor podcast. I appreciate you making the time to share your experience and knowledge. Here's some quick background info for you before we hop on the call. 

The Basics:

The interview will be conducted via Zoom. I start with a 5-10 minute pre-interview. If possible, this is done with our video turned on, but we will not be recording at this point. The point is to do a quick introduction, get you comfortable with me, and give you an opportunity to ask any last minute questions before we start. 

I will notify you when it's time to start recording. We'll go silent for a few moments and I'll start by saying something like "Hi (Guest name), welcome to the podcast." At that point, the recorded interview has started. 

The interviews typically take 45-60 minutes to record, depending on the flow of our converation. I've already sent you the list of questions. I try to keep the interview conversational, so I will skip questions or add follow up questions based on your answers. 

Recording Considerations:

Please find a quiet room and a secure internet connection. I don't require you to have a microphone, but it is helpful. Previous guests have used Airpods. 

Silence your phone and exit out of any chat boxes in your browser, those notification sounds can be picked up on the recording. 

If we get disconnected, just sign back into the call. This has happened before and results in two audio files at the end instead of one. I can edit the two tracks into one cohesive file. 


For your context, 65 percent of my audience is 23-44 years old. They skew male at 57 percent.

While I don't have concrete data, based on those that have reached out, listeners fall into two camps. The first are entrepreneurs who are looking for knowledge and lessons to help grow their company. The second are upper management professionals who are interested in entrepreneurship, but primarily looking for knowledge and lessons that they could adapt for their day job. 


This podcast is edited. If at any point during the interview or after the interview, you think you said something that's confidential or you would prefer not to be published, please just let me know and I'll omit that from the final edit. My objective is not to "get you" and post content that will embarrass or get you in trouble. 

When I edit, I will eliminate as many "ums and ahhs" as possible. Sometimes I edit segements based on length or storyline. I do my best to stay true to the nature/context of our conversation. I do not edit this like a reality TV show where I cut your words to create a new context. 

Example Episodes:

If you haven't listened to a previous episode yet, here are a few episodes you can listen to and hear how a final episode turns out. 

Gita Sjahrir - Co-Founder/CEO, R Fitness

Nicole Yap - Managing Director, Digitaraya

Tiger Fang - Co-Founder/CEO, Kargo


Thanks again for your time. I look forward to our conversation. 

- Jesse