April 20, 2021

Ronald Ishak - Developing Indonesia’s Technical Talent

Ronald Ishak - Developing Indonesia’s Technical Talent

Indonesia is in the midst of a technical renaissance. Within the past ten years, Indonesia has gone from a country confused by tech startups, to a booming industry with multiple billion dollar companies. But as the excitement around tech startups has grown, the strain on the country's technical talent has increased. Supply cannot keep up with demand. Giants like Gojek and Tokopedia bought up all the talent with large compensation packages, leaving smaller startups desperate for talent.

Enter Hacktiv8. Ron Ishak is the co-founder and CEO of Hacktiv8, a developer bootcamp in Indonesia. They are focused on closing this gap between Indonesia’s demand for developers and the home grown supply.

I talk to Ron about Hacktiv8 is developing classes that provide enough rigor to adequately prepare students in just three months for a job in tech and how Hacktiv8’s business model is introducing income share agreements to a market that doesn’t have student loans.




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