April 3, 2023

Widijastoro Nugroho - Keeping the Last Mile Cold

Widijastoro Nugroho - Keeping the Last Mile Cold

Slice Group CEO and Sidedoor host Jesse Bouman (@jessebouman) is joined by Fresh Factory’s co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer, Widi Nugroho. In a past life, they were colleagues at Mindshare, now they’re both tech entrepreneurs. Widi explains what Fresh Factory does and how they reached product market fit so quickly. He shares the story of getting into YCombinator and some lessons he learned during the accelerator. The episode finishes with a discussion about lessons for older professionals and first time entrepreneurs. 


Fresh Factory: https://freshfactory.id/

Widi’s Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/widijastoro-nugroho-7b686b/


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Show Notes:

(3:47) - Intro to Widi & Fresh Factory

(12:59) - Understanding Fresh Factory

(34:57) - The YC Experience

(50:10) - Advice for Older Professionals


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